Our Roots





It all started when...

Steve and Christy Simmons journeyed to Oregon from Alaska; Christy being a lifelong Alaskan and Steve having spent nearly 30 years in the “land of the midnight sun.”

Steve’s dream to return to the outdoor life of farming and their love of wine sent them on a quest to find the right location to unite these two desires. Friends from Anchorage had found a perfect site in southern Oregon to develop a vineyard. A visit with them and the chance availability of acreage nearby was enough to begin the adventure.

And what an adventure it has been! Dirt under the fingernails, skunks on the porch, and truly sincere neighbors has been their experience thus far — not to mention the acquaintance of a wonderful winemaker and the production of some wonderfully delicious wines.

the vineyard

Located in the Umpqua Valley Appellation of southern Oregon, Misty Oaks Vineyard was first planted in 2000 on a hillside in the Tyee Range just to the south and west of the towns Sutherlin and Oakland.

Ranging from 700 to 1000 feet in elevation, the vineyard has a southerly aspect and because of the prevailing winds, variation in inclination, and training techniques, the varietals grown on site may experience several different climates. The vineyard is planted on disease resistant rootstocks that best match the desired vigor for the soil types that occur over the 15 acres planted to date.

Bud break usually occurs in April and harvest may extend into November depending on the grape varietal.